Hello World

First off. I'd like to thank you for coming to have a look at my new blog. I'd like to make this a place for me to have a record of my thoughts and learning, in that process share some knowledge with all of you. 

In case you don't yet know, my name is Michael Laidler. I am currently a Nutritional Medicine student with the Australasian College of Natural Therapies.

I have had somewhat a roller coaster ride with my health and wellbeing for a number of years, and i feel like I am finally getting to the point of where I need to be. 

I'll start from the top.

I was a fairly active kid, not the over achieving type. I played soccer on weekends with training twice a week and for a while I was also refereeing games. So I always got enough cardio in. During that time, I taught myself to cook as my parents usually would be escorting my sisters to their sports. When I was 16 I played my last game of soccer and took up archery, not as much cardio but definitely some good strength training involved. In my last years of school I played lots of 'hackie sack' during lunch everyday but began to develop terrible eating habits. I would walk to school and stop off at the bakery and buy myself two croissants and if not two, at least one energy drink. It was rare to not see me with one in hand. Lunch would often consist of some sort of pie, sausage roll or cheese and bacon roll and a 1.25L soft drink (the school now no longer sells bottles of that size). 

Because of how active I was, I didn't really put on much body fat (in hind sight that is). When I finished school, I became somewhat obsessed with the idea that I was overweight and fat. I was becoming very self conscious and always had in mind that because I was 'fat' was the reason why I had never had a girlfriend by that point. So this led me to the conclusion that I must loose weight. 

I was working at a sandwich shop back then and usually woke up late in the morning and got home late at night and spent another few hours playing video games. Because I was so busy at work, I often either forgot to take my break or just didn't simply because of how busy I was. When I would wake the following morning I would generally eat a few slices of toast and have a coffee, then go back to playing more video games. 

By now you should be getting the picture. I was barely eating, running off energy drinks and caffeine. Not sleeping enough and rarely getting any exercise. I had gotten to the point where when I did eventually meet a girl, on our first date I couldn't even stomach any food(a small sushi roll to be precise) and had to use the excuse that I wasn't feeling well. My weight had dropped to about 59kg. I am 5'11"

Fast forward four years, I had gotten out of my not eating phase and gotten back into my horrible diet from school. Although working night shift and the only available food on demand when nothing was prepared was the 24 hour fast food restaurant across the road from my work, only exacerbated my chances of making a bad choice. My weight skyrocketed. I became lethargic and was constantly sick. I had terrible snoring issues. Back aches, leg cramps. Constant aching stomach. Head aches and sore eyes usually accompanied by blurry vision. I had no idea what was going on!

I went to a doctor and asked for a blood test. Strangely though, she insisted I fill out a questionnaire after which she suggested that, "It may be depression"

Now, I'm no doctor but, I don't think depression has those kinds of physical manifestations. I shrugged it off and continued on living this same way. 

Later that year I went through a break up with the girl previously mentioned. And that, was the turning point. I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and saw what I had become.

I was 23, 125Kg, pre-diabetic and slowly killing myself. I had become what I was so afraid of just a few years before and I didn't even realise it!

Luckily I had and still do have some great friends. I was informed about the paleo movement and I began dieting, loosing a staggering 45kg in six months and in that time I was dared to come to the gym. Of course at that point I thought training in a gym was ridiculous. Who on earth would want to pick things up and put them down again? ME! Thats who! Turns out, I love the gym. 

So this is more or less my story. I have learnt so much and come so far. Kicked some bad habits and formed some great new ones, and kept them. I have been at both ends of the scale and I have had issues with chronic illness. With everything that I have been through and what I have learned, I want to help as many as I can fix their chronic illnesses and with what I'm learning everyday, soon I will.