Get Motivated and Moving

Hey all,

Im writing this article today as something I want everyone who reads it to take something with them. I NEED everyone to take something from this. This should only be short and simple so it wont take long.

I have a friend who is currently out of work, has a poor diet, and doesn't really get out much. Excluding being out of work, this is pretty much where I was back in 2011. You can see that whole story back in my first article. Seeing them like this and at a younger age than what I was, is what has made me want to write this impromptu article. The point that I want to make today is this.

We can not waste our lives doing nothing!


I want to encourage everyone to chase their dreams and reach their goals. That includes their physical and mental health.


For physical goals, we can get up and get out. Go for a walk in a park, go do some weight training, play a social sport or even learn to cook some healthy recipes. There are so many ways we can improve our lives and enrich them! I see posts on social networks explaining how people are happy with being who they are physically and thats great, it really is. But are you healthy? Are you going to live to an age where you can say you've lived a fulfilling life? Is the current path that your following going to lead you to a self sufficient older you? Or will you be requiring nursing aid and assistance to get through to the end?

Exercise in any form has been well proven to extend life expectancy when done within reason. By this I mean doing a marathon here or there probably won't be bad for you, but one every weekend surely will. Lifting heavy is going to help you get strong and allow you to correctly absorb nutrients and minerals, but lifting beyond reason everyday surely will not be any good for your joints. Not forgetting to mention that either scenario will more than likely result in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which will further create havoc in the body. The concept of everything in moderation when it comes to eating should be thrown out the window completely. Some people just simply should not eat certain things, especially if they are metabolically broken.


This brings me to my point about mental health. Happiness is what we are all truly looking for, and how that may eventuate is different for everyone. We can find happiness in family and friends, work and study, charity, exercise, entertainment like music movies and television... etc. What ever it may be, don't take it for granted or over do it, watching television for 10 hours a day for example. If you're not happy, think about what you're doing in most of your time. Most people spend majority of their time working. If you don't enjoy your work, look for ways to improve it. Take a short course at TAFE or something through Open Universities Australia. Or even change industries completely! I realise its not the easiest thing to do. But at the end of the day

Your mental health is most important!


If you are one of the few people who legitimately enjoys their job. Take up a hobby, learn a new skill. Cooking, wood work, metal work, painting, sewing, photography, drawing, play an instrument... anything! A great place to head over to is you can learn to make anything there!

I don't mean for this to sound preachy and yes, I probably will cop some flak for this post, I may even have made some people feel bad reading this. It is very off topic from nutrition but it is a topic very close to my heart. I've wasted years of my life lying around, doing nothing. After all that I have learned in the last few years, I am motivated and I will do my best to encourage people to become the same.

To finish I'll leave you with an old Chinese proverb;

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still."