Busy Week of BioChem and Counselling On a Train

Hey everyone,

I've had a very busy week, preparing for my final BioChem exam which I had on Thursday and was possibly the hardest exam I've ever had!

So with that I haven't exactly had much time to look into other things that interest me. I did start writing a few articles, three actually. But they have quite a bit of work to be done on them, and I'd like t research further into the topics. One may be a little controversial, but as I found with my last article, the more passionate I am about what I'm writing, the better the result is.

You may have noticed up in the navigation bar in your web browser I'm no longer on a subdomain of squarespace.com. Last weekend I upgraded to my own URL and hopefully that will push things in a positive direction. It gives me more control over the site and will allow me to provide a more professional product... and of course no one can take this URL now.

I have a little bit of a side project brewing that I'll be running on the site here, a few people know about it already but I don't want to say too much until it's ready. What I will say though is, that I'm planing for it to be in video format and it should be fairly helpful to most people that read this site... I say this largely because I think most of us are in the same boat regarding this particular topic.

I am very happy with the progress this site is making and the traffic that I am receiving. It's not ground breaking numbers or anything, but it is far more than what I was initially expecting. Most traffic comes from Facebook, so I assume you mostly are friends and family that are attending but I'm also seeing people from Thailand, England, Canada, America, with 10% of traffic coming directly to the site and others from LinkedIn. So if I don't personally know you, thank you for dropping by and friends and family, of course you know I appreciate it.

Now that I've finished up with BioChem, I still have a few more subjects to go to finish up this study block but I am currently doing Basic Counselling and have been for a number of weeks now. Yesterday on my way to work, I had an interesting interaction with a man and I found that I was naturally doing what I am learning about in this subject. It was a very strange and random experience but it was something that reaffirmed with me that I am headed in the right track of helping people.

I'll have one of those three articles out next week, hopefully a new recipe as well. Thanks for the patience.