Hey everyone, 

This year is going way to fast. Saturday I'll be turning 25, and soon after that on August 1st will mark my two years of my healthy lifestyle crusade! 

Its crazy to think about the changes that I've made, the people I've met and the things I've done. And to think about all my goals for the future and what I'm planing to help try and motivate people.

Anyway, on with the article

So, as you may know one of my few jobs that I'm working now is for an un-named supplement retailer. And since I've been there, I have had an astonishing amount of people come to me and ask for usually two of three items.

  1.  Green Coffee Extract
  2. Testosterone Booster
  3. Fat Blocker

These supplements as they are, I do not have an issue with. At one point or another, I have used thermogenic supplements (things like the green coffee extract) and I have also used testosterone boosters. I understand their benefits but I also understand their downfalls.

For majority of the clients I see in this situation, they are usually mid forties, overweight, overworked and probably underpaid. This is the market that want a pill to make all their problems go away and they want it cheap. They are marketed to via the internet, with promises of loosing kilos in weeks, simply from taking 2 - 4 pills a day (dependant on the program) and not needing to diet or have a workout regime. I really hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is no such thing, legally at least.

These products, when used in a good protocol will work. They will do as their labels suggest, but the efficacy of them is hard to establish. This is simply because of how differently everyones body reacts to particular substances.

The problem about trying to apply these is that if your diet is not correct, you're going to be flushing your money down the toilet. Those three particular items in fact, may cause you to go the opposite way!

The green coffee extract may cause a cortisol response and put your body into an inflamed state, causing water retention, adipose growth AND disrupt sleeping patterns, further increasing the cortisol response. 

A testosterone booster in an overweight male, depending on how the booster works specifically. If its an inorganic booster, you'll find that natural test production drops even lower and without exercise will cause more weight gain. 

And finally the fat blocker, will stop your body from absorbing essential and non essential fatty acids and the fat soluble nutrients that come along with them. 

So what is the solution to this problem we have?

We need to change our perspective on weight loss and health. 

Unless if you're at the point where the only real option is surgery, and that is not a common case at all. Diet is the best solution. Of course I'm not talking about some yo yo diet, if you've been reading my work for the last couple of months I'm sure by now you yourself know exactly what I'm about to say...

Whole foods. A diet of nutrient dense foods, that satiate and provide the building blocks for healthy growth and recovery. It's simple.

Doing this and having a solid workout routine, you'll be on the way to success. 

We need to have patience.

It's a tricky thing to learn. I myself have been doing it (learning that is) for the last few years. And its hard.  We need to understand that we will not ever see success overnight and that we should not be afraid of hard work. It's the weight loss journey that makes us stronger. It makes us who we are. It shows the world that we will not back down or tolerate being bullied, or made fun of.

Getting healthy the right way will make you a patient person and patience in turn, will make you a better person.


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