Two Years Strong

Hey everyone, 

I think this ones going to be a relatively short post. But damn, am I excited!


If you've been keeping up with my site for the last few months, know me in person, or have read my Hello World post (and I've just realised I've been running this site since March, this years gone by fast!). You will know my story by now (if not, hit that link) and with that, August 1st brings somewhat a special day for me. It's my two year mark for changing my life. Getting my health back into my hands. It signifies a point where I had enough of looking and living like I was. Tired of feeling utter dread for getting out of bed. An entire change of perspective and an entire change of being.

So, with this I have two points I'd like to cover in this post. 

First off.  Thank you to my parents for supporting such a 'crazy sounding lifestyle', to quote them, "you mean you're not going to eat bread? And lots of bacon?" 

Thank you to Michael "Doof" Youssef for introducing me to what is now my go to template of the paleo lifestyle and Veronica Tay for "forcing" me into training (and being the best unofficial editor I could ask for). 

I also want to thank every single person that I have encountered over the last two years. I have learnt so much from everyone of you.

Enough of that, it's not the Oscars! 


What's got me most excited about this little anniversary I've got going is this. 

If you look to the left of your screen, you should see a button called "A Change For The Future". This is a monthly competition that I will be running from now on. Details are explained on the page itself. Honestly, I'm still working out what the monthly prize will be. But there will be prizes. As if your health is not enough!

I really want to see some amazing stuff people. I myself can inspire a few people. But as as a community, we can inspire many!

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