A Lesson In Empathy

Hey everyone, 

Pretty excited to say that I'm almost at the end of my subject of Counselling Skills. Which means I'll be getting into the nitty gritty of Disease Manifestation and looking into some fairly cool stuff that hopefully I can share with you. 

So all this study on counselling has been strange for me. It focuses largely on personal insight and looking at how we relate to people. In turn, how we can help through simple interactions and mannerisms. This in itself isn't whats strange to me. It is the affect that it has had on my day to day life.  As I mentioned in an earlier post about my counselling study, it's made me more aware of how I can make a difference through small exchanges.

One of the key points they explain through the subject is the use and identification of empathy. It's something we as humans often forget. Some don't seem to be able to identify with it much and others are so empathetic that client's (or friends and family) pain becomes their own.  

I posted this same video on Facebook today, but I would really like people to watch this.


What I take from it, is that as a practitioner, we can not judge someone for the condition that they are in. Empathy allows us to identify with the patient, understand where they are emotionally and with them find a solution to what they are suffering with. 

This should be applied to all fields of health.