Spartan Up!

Hey all,

Going to make this a short one. It's been ages, but I'm working on getting some stuff up, I promise.

spartan up.jpg

Recently I bought a book called, "Spartan Up!" Written by the founder of, you guessed it. Spartan Race. 

If you know me, you probably know I read a lot of books. Unfortunately, not as many as I would like to.

A few weeks ago I was listening to Robb Wolf's "The Paleo Solution Podcast" and a man named Joe De Sena was that shows guest. Joe, as it turns out, is the found of Spartan Race. 

I have never really had much of an interest in running.

When I was young, my neighbour and I decided to have a running race. Their little sister was sitting on the side of the path we were running on and as i ran past, she decided to trip me. That wouldn't have been too bad if i hadn't put my hand out to stop myself and somehow, tumbled and in the process break two of my fingers.


My years of soccer as a kid, until my mid teens required lots of running. I remember my coaches always pushing me to run laps at training. For not turning up on time, screwing around, talking while coach was talking or in one particular case looking the wrong way, resulted in the punishment of two laps(the two fields were approx. 800m). 

And I believe last time I did some running was in year 10 at high school. We all got back to the group to stretch and cool down, when out of nowhere one of the girls for some reason(I assume she thought it was funny) decided to snap kick me in the nuts. Not pleasant. 

So, clearly I haven't exactly had the most positive reinforcement when it comes to running.

I read this book. Hoping for some advice on mental toughness. To learn how to better myself in training, in work and in personal relationships. To somehow muster the ability to push through adversity. Which on the podcast, that's what Joe was describing it as.

Sadly, when I put the book down. I felt a little bit more like it was a marketing pitch for why living "the Spartan life" was the best option for me.

I think I was wrong.

Today when I went to my Crossfit session(more on that later). My second workout required me to run 1.2kms. This is literally the furthest I have run in a decade. And lo and behold the techniques Joe talks about worked. I actually remembered what I had read(first time I read the book and it sunk in. That's a good start) and I pushed through. I got the two cookies.

I got to the end of this tiny tiny run. Dropped to the floor and hoped that I wasn't going to pass out! Ok, I exaggerate a little. But damn that was rough.

Joe outlays a number of inspirational athletes and world explorers and summarises his points down to a reflection of how skills learnt in preparation for a Spartan Race and the race itself, transfer to everyday life to "reframe your point of focus".

So my final point is this. Read this book. Its going to make everything a bit easier. Dieting, training, working, family life.

I ordered my copy through Kinokuniya at the store in The Galleries Victoria, Sydney. But I'm sure you can also order through Dymocks or in any of the stores. There is an ebook version for it also, I wont link that though because that ones fairly obvious(and you can help keep the staff in stores employed by buying the physical book locally)

Happy training!