Changes and Travels

Hey Everyone,

How do you like the new site?

I've had a friend on my back for the last few months to fill it out a bit more and I've finally decided to bite the bullet, get on board with his idea and change things up a bit. I rarely like to admit that he's right but he won this time round.

Hopefully you'll find the site more attractive and that little bit more appealing.

Along with the layout changes, soon in the next coming months you may find short videos with tips and possibly some facts for health and wellbeing. The exact direction of these videos is yet to be determined and yes, again. I'm admitting defeat to that same friend.

There is one more thing that I am considering opening up on the page too, but for now I've got it hidden on the back end because I need to make sure that I can run it properly and not have any issues in regards to it. Hope that little bit of info gets some people excited.

Last bit just quickly. 

I'll be going overseas for the first time in a bit more than a week!

I'll be flying over to Vietnam then traveling to Cambodia and on to Thailand after that.

I don't think I have ever been more excited for anything ever in my life. 

I have been booking this for a few months and other than the amazing history, I'm looking forward to seeing some great temples and forests, meeting some interesting new people and eating as much new and suspect foods as I possibly can! 

I don't plan on communicating too much while I'm away but I know I will want to write as much as I can when I get back, so do expect some improvement in article frequency(I can't promise anything on quality)

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